• Cumberland Services recycling pickup for the City of St. Marys.
  • Cumberland Services is now hiring drivers for solid waste services positions in St Marys, GA.
  • Cumberland Services is now hiring mechanics for solid waste services in St Marys, GA.
  • Cumberland Services mini refuse hauler.
  • Cumberland Services Roll Cart transport.

City of Woodbine Residential/Commercial Customers

The current waste hauling service provider, Waste Management, stops collecting trash/debris for City of Woodbine as of 12/31/23. Cumberland Services, the new waste hauling service provider starts servicing the City of Woodbine on 01/01/24.


Below is the Cumberland Services City of Woodbine waste and recycle collection schedule for the upcoming year. Collection will begin starting January 1st 2024.

Download the Waste and Recycle Collection Schedule Calendar HERE

Cumberland Services and City of Woodbine 2024 Waste & recycling Calendar.
Cumberland Services 96 Gallon Roll-cart and 18 Gallon Recycling container for City of Woodbine, GA.



96 gallon Roll Cart for trash will have a Brochure/Flyer attached with information pertaining to requirements for City of Woodbine Trash Collection Details/Instructions.

Download the City of Woodbine Curbside Collection Guide HERE

Cumberland Services and City of Woodbine Waste & recycling guide.


Below are instructions and diagram for proper placement of trash and recycling roll cart and recycling containers

  • Place each container 1-4 feet from curbside.
  • Place each container a minimum of 6 feet from each other.
  • Place each container a minimum of 6 feet from any obstacle that is in your yard (mailbox, fence, telephone pole, etc).
  • Do not place containers under low hanging tree limbs or power lines/obstacles.
  • Roll Cart lids should be closed with no trash/recyclables hanging out.
  • Nothing can be placed or located within 6 feet behind the containers.
  • Front of Roll Cart facing the street – handle bar facing home or business.
  • Keep the curb and street at your residence/business clear of parked cars, boats, etc. on collection day.
  • Contractor-furnished Roll Carts/Containers only.

Trash and Recycling (1 x wk) will be collected on the same day.


Cumberland Services Curbside Roll Cart placement diagram for Woodbine, GA.



Below are instructions and diagram for proper recycling:

  • Place recyclables loose in cart. DO NOT BAG.
  • No glass, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or pet food bags.
  • No trash in container, including food and liquids.
  • No tissue, paper towels, or personal hygiene products and latex.
  • Contractor furnished 18 gallon container only.
  • No additional containers allowed.

Recycling will be collected on the same day as trash.

Cumberland Services recycling diagram for Woodbine, GA.


Employment with Cumberland Services

Now hiring for the Solid Waste Services Contract for Woodbine, GA.

We offer competitive pay with insurance, 401K, paid holidays and sick pay benefits.

Call us for more details and gain employment today!

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